Who are we ?



Ms. Tricia


Currently, is the owner of Urban Easel,  a percussionist in a performing arts band, teaches art, yoga, and photography at a local private school, and most of all enjoys being a mother to her 12 year old boy. I loves creating an exciting and varied art curriculum to share with my students. She believes by exposing children to various art forms it allows their creativity to flourish.


Sometimes we need to express ourselves in many different mediums, music, song, dance, painting, theater, poetry, all of these mediums tap into the creative side of our souls. This is the part of us where love and beauty really live. I hope to nurture and help grow artists of all ages, but I really want to bring children to see art as another form of communication and expression.


Tricia is a diverse artist. Her passion for art began when she was a young child. While others were off trying to decide what to do and find themselves, she always knew that art was in her future. She studied fine arts and art education at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Montgomery College, and Shippensburg University. She danced and studied classical ballet, toe, jazz, movement, ethnic dance, yoga and pilates for over 11 years. She has taught children and adults in many different environments.  



Ms. Brandi,


Is a mother of two, a nine year old boy, a 14 year old girl and my best friend and husband of 21 years. Brandi attended college at Shepherd and Colorado Mountain college, I studied elementary education and fine arts. I have been a preschool teacher for for 11 years and have always had many different artistic hobbies. I have always enjoyed painting, sculpting, photography and art.


Tricia and I have been friends for about 6 years now, she taught art to my children at school. She is an amazing teacher and artist and I'm thrilled to be a part of her studio! Her passion for art and art education is absolutely inspiring! Tricia wants to share her love of art, in all mediums, with every age group possible! Art is therapeutic, and everyone can use a little stress free fun!! 


Shepherdstown Is a diverse community that's perfect for her studio, children, teens and adults can all benefit from a little freedom of creativity. We want to offer the community different levels of "creative play", and we haven't seen that offered in town in an open studio environment.


I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Tricia, we are both looking toward the future of Urban Easel, and sharing the fun with the community.